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Thank you for considering Missio Dei as you make plans for your future. At Missio Dei we are committed to offering the very best preparation and continuing training for all spheres of Christian ministry – and we believe that includes academic excellence.

We are called to serve Christ with the whole of our being – including our minds – and we encourage our students to excel in their studies as well as in their passion to follow Christ and to serve His Church.

Here at the College we have a range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes. All our programmes are validated by the University of Chester (see our Standards and Validation), which has a large and growing Theology and Religious Studies department. Students who study at Missio Dei will also become students of the University of Chester, and will receive University of Chester degrees.

Missio Dei also subscribes to the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), which is the primary Government- appointed body for ensuring quality throughout the University and Higher Education sector. Our relationship with the University of Chester, with QAA, and with other accrediting agencies ensures that what we offer meets the very highest standards of teaching and learning. Our QAA report can be viewed on their website at www.qaa.ac.uk or by clicking here.

All of our programmes seek to integrate Christian faith and commitment with the critical skills that are necessary to analyse and evaluate arguments and points of view, to make an informed contribution to discussions about belief and practice, and to engage with current Biblical scholarship.

Glenn Balfour – Vice-Principal