CPD and Short Courses

Missio Dei is delighted to be able to offer CPD and short courses to help leaders and church workers to develop their skills and knowledge. The courses offer tuition from experts in their field, facilitate informative and meaningful debate, and endeavour to challenge and inspire you.

The following is a list of short courses that are available to audit throughout the year from September 2023 – March 2024:


    The module on Christian Apologetics focuses on equipping students with the tools to defend and articulate the Christian faith. The course explores the nature of Christian apologetics and the historical development of the discipline. It examines various approaches to apologetics, including classical, evidential, and presuppositional apologetics. The module also covers specific apologetic issues, such as the existence of God, the problem of evil, the reliability of the Bible, and the person and work of Jesus Christ. The course emphasizes the importance of cultural engagement and provides a framework for engaging with different worldviews and religions. The aims of the module are to provide students with a solid foundation in the theory and practice of Christian apologetics, to develop their critical thinking and communication skills, and to equip them to engage with the challenges and opportunities of contemporary culture.


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    This module offers a comprehensive exploration of personal and corporate development, delving into critical aspects of self-leadership such as relationships, stress management, finances, and effective communication. Additionally, it delves into crucial facets of church growth, including strategic planning, transitional phases, and the significance of spiritual practices like prayer, generosity, and mission in fostering continuous progress within the church. The course covers theological and biblical insights on pivotal leadership issues encompassing personal and corporate realms, as well as emphasizes the vital role of emotional intelligence in Christian leadership. Furthermore, it provides thoughtful reflections on corporate prayer, mission, generosity, and devotion from a theological standpoint, while offering valuable biblical perspectives on growth, strategy, and transition. This module equips individuals with a robust foundation for personal and collective advancement in leadership and spiritual development.

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    YOUTH MINISTRY (25 - 28 MARCH 2024)

    Youth Ministry Short Course – 25th – 28th March
    !Audacious Church, Trinity Way, Manchester, M3 7BD

    This course will explore:
    Foundations: key issues and challenges
    Psycho- social needs and behaviours
    Discipleship: theories and methods
    Missional Youth Ministry: Engaging Gen Y&Z


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    Each short course includes:

    • Classroom lectures – with leading scholars and practitioners
    • Short course notes – to accompany the teaching
    • Light Refreshments
    • Course Fees: 2 day courses – £150 / 4 day courses – £250

    *Course details are subject to change

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    For more information, please contact us at info@missiodei.ac.uk