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Rev Dr Andy Hardy has served in Christian leadership for many years, both as a missiologist and church planter. He is an active scholar, and a copiously published author, in the fields of missiology, theology and missional church leadership. He has been involved in leadership studies, and theological education, for about 30 years – teaching numerous modules, and conducting seminars, at BA, MA and Doctoral levels. Many of his books are used as key texts by theological colleges, both in Europe, North America and Australia. He has acted as Adjunct Professor for Theology at an American University, as well as being part of the Adjunct Faculty in an Australian college. He is also involved in consultancy work in the fields of higher education development, leadership studies, and theological education in eastern and western Africa.


Andy’s passion is to enable leaders to equip God’s people to discern and participate in the ongoing mission of Jesus. He believes that the whole people of God are called to be missionaries in every context of life in which they find themselves. He is married to Jenny, and has two adult children, and two wonderful grandchildren. He lives in Oxford, and loves to connect with people in sharing his faith, and discussing matters of hearing God’s voice.