A Note on Missio Dei and University of Chester Forms

Some of the forms provided below may require your signature. Where possible, these have been provided in both PDF and MSWord form. You can either insert a scanned image of your signature into the MSWord version of the form, or print the form out (from either the MSWord or PDF version), complete it by hand and re-scan it. In either case, the completed form should be returned to the Missio Dei Academic Administrator. It will be forwarded to the correct section of the University Registry by the college.

College Handbooks

Research Ethics

All research involving human beings raises ethical issues.  The primary purpose of ethical review is to ensure that the rights of research participants are protected, that they are treated with dignity and in a manner that does not jeopardise their wellbeing. If your research involves empirical studies, i.e. asking human beings certain questions, you will need to submit an application to the Research Ethics Committee.  This is important because deficiencies in a project could mean that participants would be subjected to research that was unsound, unlikely to meet its objectives and would be a waste of time and resources; in other words, the research would be unethical.

Full information on the University of Chester’s research ethics requirements, including submission dates and an application form, is available on the Chester Portal.